The Two Brigs





The Auld Brig in Ayr was built in the early 1400s. The new bridge seen framed in the arch is actually the second new bridge, the first one being washed away in floods in the 1870s. Something that was prophesied in Robert Burn’s poem “The Brigs o’ Ayr.

The New Brig claims-

There’s men of taste wou’d tak the Ducat stream,
Tho’ they should cast the very sark and swim,
E’er they would grate their feelings wi’ the view
O’ sic an ugly, Gothic hulk as you.”

The Auld  Brig replies-

“Conceited gowk! puff’d up wi’ windy pride!
This mony a year I’ve stood the flood an’ tide;
And tho’ wi’ crazy eild I’m sair forfairn ,
I’ll be a brig when ye’re a shapeless cairn!

The current New Bridge was built in 1878.


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